underprivileged youth
to realize their potential.

Our Belief

There is a wealth of artistic talent and potential residing in slums, refugee camps and other settlements across the country where millions struggle to survive every day on the margins of society.


OFbelieves in untying young people from the shackles of desperation through the uniting ingredients of Creativity, Art, Music and Sports.


OFaspires to give wings to young people who exist on the margins of society. We support them to recognize the richness that resides in them, and then nurture their transformation towards realizing their potential.

“We must harness people’s pride and the fierce determination to live. We must mine the deep source of street wisdom and provide alternative means of decent ‘hustling’ while rebuking the evils of idleness, drug abuse and violence.“


Foundation Mission

Octopizzo Foundation’s mission is to be a catalyst for positive transformation of the condition and aspirations of marginalized youth residing in but not limited to urban slums, rural areas and refugee camps. That mission originates in the founder, Henry Ohanga’s firm conviction—based on personal experience—that a wealth of untapped potential resides in these often wretched spaces, where poverty, disease, unemployment and other forms of social neglect and depravity form the backdrop of daily existence.


Octopizzo Foundation aims to build on the gains and experiences of existing projects, namely:

  • Power Women Group Kibera supporting people living with HIV
  • Young Gifted and Black supporting artists selected from across the thirteen villages of Kibera
  • Chocolate City Kibera Tours, showcasing positive aspects of Africa’s largest slum and providing a market for local craftsmen and women to sell their products
  • Artists for Refugees, partnering with UNHCR to mentor young refugees in Kakuma camp to discover and develop their musical talent
  • Advocacy on matters like ending violence against women and girls