Food security

It's time to give back

We need your support protecting Kenyan vulnerable from hunger.

Kenya FoodBank was created by Octopizzo Foundation in response to C19 economic collapse. It’s an automated solution for management of help seekers and tracking of your donations. We use data to make decisions on who needs help the most, and we make sure our combined efforts are applied proportionally to all people in need.

We have partnered with multiple Kenyan food suppliers, locals and foreigner volunteers, honest and brave people who are ready to help us, and we’re distributing basic food and hygiene packages, supporting communities and taking all required safety measures.

How FoodBank donations work:

* Zero management fees. All your donations are converted into food.

Share your donation in form of money or non-perishable food

Please note Kenya FoodBank accepts PayPal now. If you offer food or donation by cash, we will arrange pick up service for that.

We stock up at the local market and shops or order food directly from Kenyan farmers

We buy groceries in bulk and it allows us to get the best prices. The less we pay, the more we feed.

Typical food package (might vary slightly) : 4kg of maize, 2kg of rice, 1kg of sugar, 2ltrs of cooking oil, Cabbages, tomatoes, Tea, Hand soap, Face masks

We pick the families in utmost need and deliver basic food packages to their doors

We employ our network of volunteers to deliver food packages right to those who need them the most. We prioritize families with kids and no income for a long time. We do social profiling and track all deliveries making sure distribution is even and fair.

We stand as one when the times are hard

Please come on board with us to take care of those in need. We need you to take the lead in saving Kenya’s most vulnerable from hunger. We call you to wake up and start acting. The right time is now!

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