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Badilisha-Fostering Social Change Through Music

Badilishais Swahili phrase meaning “change.” This project aims to inspire and empower youth living in marginalized regions to transform their creative lives and communities. Through Badilisha OF will provide 100 emerging artists from across Kenya with the knowledge, attitude and skills needed to create positive social change through music, by offering mentorship, capacity building and training. The result of the program will be a network of artists with a commitment to creating a positive social impact in the communities that are their target audiences/markets.

“OKAP” is a Luo word for basket

Basketry is a form of employment for many African women and elevates their status and power base within their social environments. Our plan this 2020 is to Organize workshops and institutions that help these women successfully market their product. Basketry cooperatives bring income to rural areas and keep the craft traditions alive.

Given this wide dispersal of product, bright, colourful commercial dyestuffs have been applied to widen their appeal and make them ‘market-friendly, Join us to today and help Us empower Our amazing African Queens at “OKAP” ““OKAP” is a Luo word for basket, the Octopizzo Foundation is working with women in Ugenya Siaya to turn their hobby into business and turn these amazing craft women into entrepreneurs.

Power Women

Speaking about what they faced and what comes next, beading specialist Teresa noted that many women left the group’s core business to seek other opportunities to make ends meet during these tough times. Understandably so, the group has faced challenges with providing a sustainable living wage for members at this time, they have rented out space to earn an extra coin. With support from various patrons, and organizations including the Octopizzo Foundation the women of Power Women of Kibera remain hopeful for the future.

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